Sunday, August 31, 2014

Parade Magazine - Roy Delgado cartoons -Aug 31/2014

  Both of these cartoons appeared in this Sunday's Parade Magazine in the Cumberland Times, ( Cumberland, MD )
I understand that different Parades in different parts of the country display different cartoons. ( B-o-o-o-H-i-s-s )
The Washington Post used to deliver the Sunday Post around
Petersburg here where I live but apparently their delivery person
up and quit about 5 weeks ago, so what I do now is buy the Cumberland Sunday paper wuich does carry the Parade.

Interesting factoid . . . Both of these cartoons were drawn
approximately 10 years ago . . . goes to show you . . . I always thought both were winners . . . and after all these years with The New Yorker  and all the others rejecting them, Pow !,  a major market like Parade buys about 20 from me in three weeks !
All oldies !  It's a good thing we get paid for this because even if there was no such thing as money,  I'd  STILL
be  writing and drawing cartoons anyway!
Maybe I'm living in a " Fool's Paradise " . . .  

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